Stevia: Five Health Benefits Of This Natural Sweetener

Our markets are full of low calories sweetening alternatives, but most of them are not natural, which do not have potential health benefits and are artificial. But there are few natural sweeteners out in the world which are loaded with health benefits. Stevia is one of those natural sweeteners, and it is basically a herb which offers a sweet taste, all natural, great substitute for sugar, zero calories and are full of health benefits.


As stevia sweeteners do not have calories and they do not contribute in carbohydrates on a diet or in the blood sugar level, which allows diabetic patients to enjoy many varieties of foods. One of the studies show that Stevia is really helpful with the type 2 diabetes, it was also studied that sweet compound isolated from stevia, patients blood sugar levels were dropped as it helps in secretion of insulin in the body.


Stevia is one of those natural substitutes of sugar which is natural, and it offers no side effects. On the other hand, artificial sweeteners can cause dizziness, headache, and many more serious health problems.


There are many things which can cause overweight such as physical inactivity, prolonged sitting, consumption of high energy foods which are heavily sugar added. As stevia is 40% more sweeter than regular sugar, so less amount of it is used. Because of how little it is used, stevia sweeteners are considered zero calories. People claim that consuming stevia can help in digestion of high energy or high calories food.


Blood pressure can be a real threat to life as it can cause heart diseases and many other serious cardiac problems. Some glycosides in stevia help in maintaining of sodium in the body which help in lowering the blood pressure of the body. If someone is suffering from high blood pressure taking the advice of a doctor can be really beneficial for this. Some of the studies show that it can low your blood pressure far below the normal to be cautious about taking an overdose of it, as it can be dangerous.

According to the study, there is no byproduct of stevia released in the body during metabolism. As it has no calories and does not increase blood sugar level in the body, can be easily digested and does not harm any of the organs during digestion. Simply the excess amount of stevia can be discharged from the body through urination.


This natural sweetener has many other health benefits, from smoothing of the stomach and helps in digestion, relief in heartburn, one the studies showed that is can also maintain the bone density as its influence on calcium metabolism. Stevia can also help us to relief our pain as it can also be applied to wounds and cuts. Some people claim that Stevia is really good for skin, helps in the clearing of skin, that yet is not proven by the skin specialists.